Creating a Photo Book

To create your Photo Book order go onto the desired products page and follow the following steps. 


1.First decide what book size you would like, or how many pages you want (depending on the book) then click on the 'Create your Photo Book' button. 




2.  Once you have clicked on the 'Create your Photo Book' button, you will be lead to the designer that asks for you to select your theme. 




3. Once you have selected your theme (for this guide we are going with the Quick book - 1 image per page) you will be given the option of where you would like to upload your photos from. 



Once you have selected your photos, click on the green button in the top right hand corner. 




3. Now that you have decided on the photos you would like in the book, it's time to design. 




If you decide if you would like a different layout on one of your pages click on the photo.




and click on the layout option to the left. Here you will see an array of layout options. 




Once you have decided on the layout you would like on the page, the change will be made automatically. 




4. To fill any empty slots - such as the one you may have after picking a new layout - click on the photo option on the left and drag the photo to the desired slot. 





5. If you've gone over your book, and you feel the page spread needs to be in a different page, click on this little icon in the bottom right hand corner. 




and follow the instructions of clicking on the spread, and dragging into the new desired location. 



Once you're completely happy with the book, click on the 'Add to cart' button in the top right hand corner. 


6. Once you have added your project to the cart; you can now complete your order by filling in the recipients address and your payment information.




If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing

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