What are matte prints?

All of our products, unless otherwise stated, are printed with a matte finish, but what is matte?

Matte offers a stunning, natural photographic finish with subtle colours and a slightly stippled texture.

The Matte print has beautiful colour representation and incredibly detailed in highlights and shadow areas. Due to its lack of a sheen, it makes the perfect choice for prints as it avoids any additional glare.

As the matte finish is naturally more still, there may be some difference to original images uploaded, if they are not brightened beforehand. 


Just a few pros for printing with a matte finish:

  • More durable than glossy prints
  • Less susceptible to scratches
  • Great for the classic photo look and black and white prints
  • Minimal reflections from natural and overhead lights
  • Less likely to show fingerprints, so a matte finish is the best choice for photos that will be handled a lot.
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